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Item Powers on the Action Bar

Items with Powers can now be used through the action bar. Details from r260:

  • Potions can now be put on the action bar.
  • The number of remaining potions is shown on the action bar.
  • If you have no remaining potions of that type, the potion icon is darkened/disabled in the Action Bar.
  • ItemDatabase no longer has an activate(). It is now handled by PowerManager.
  • Powers can be attached to items. This is how potions are done as well.
  • You can put permanent powers on non-consumable equipment.
  • These items can be dragged onto the Action Bar to Use their Power.
  • Added a Lightning Rod (item 1021) to show a spellpower on a weapon.
  • Added Teleport to the Boots of Testing (item 1022) to show another item power example.
  • If you remove or unequip a power item, that power is darkened/disabled in the Action Bar.
  • Increased the number of total allowed powers from 128 to 1024

Special thanks to LongerDev who helped me immensely in figuring out the best way to tackle action bar items!