Flare engine development

The Flare engine version 1.0 is feature complete. We do our best to squash any bugs and/or crashes, but some may have slipped through the cracks. You can report issues on the flare-engine Github repository’s issue tracker. If you’re feeling ambitious and want to implement a new feature (after having discussed it with a member of our team), please review the code conventions.

Flare game development

The Flare game 1.0 content is also complete. If you would like to report a bug or want to improve something such as game balance or artwork, the flare-game Github repository’s issue tracker is the place to do that.


While Flare is available in several languages, many of these translations are incomplete. Translators should refer to the wiki page for contributing translations. We’re also experimenting with using Transifex, where you can find both the engine and game projects.


The Flare engine has its own modding API that can modify existing games, or even create entirely new games! Examples of what has been created can be found on the Mods page. If you are interested in creating a mod of your own, here are some resources to get started: