Just in time for the holidays, Flare 1.14 is now available for download!

For players

The Fireball and Ice Bolt scrolls will now grant players with a buff that replaces their standard attacks (Swing / Shoot / Channel) with the magic projectiles for a brief period. This will hopefully make these scrolls worth their price, especially for Brute characters that lack options for ranged attacks.

Also, Lezaith is no longer completely immune to slow and stun effects. This should help players whose builds rely heavily on those effects.

For modders

This is the meat of the update. The engine’s handling of gameplay-related numbers has been overhauled. Values that were integer-only in the past are now stored as floating point numbers, allowing for fractional values. This gives modders a lot more granular control over how they balance their game’s progression. This change also enabled us to implement support for multiplier stat bonuses (e.g. “1.5x Max HP”), allowing for more potential variation in loot.

Also new in this version is support for defining arbitrary “MP-like” resources. This allows modders to have more than one resource pool. It also allows modders to create resources that are a better thematic fit, as opposed to the “fantasy-style” MP/Mana.



 Mac OS




Engine features

  • Added ‘loot.requires_status’ and ‘status_loot’ properties to loot table definitions.
  • Support ‘/’ as shorthand for ‘exec’ in the dev console. A space is not required after the slash.
  • Added ‘spawn_level’ property to map enemies. This follows the same syntax as the Power property of the same name.
  • Add XP scaling tables for scaling enemy reward XP based on enemy level.
  • Replace ‘immunity’ effects with percentage-based resistances.
  • Added ‘mouse_move_deadzone’ property to engine/misc.txt to help alleviate erratic mouse-move behavior when the cursor is near the player.
  • Alternative tab UI for when tabs exceed the available space.
  • Added keybind for cycling equipment sets in reverse.
  • Refactored stats and stat bonuses to use floats for fractional values.
  • Support fractional values in the following:
    • Combat text: ‘speed’
    • Engine (combat): ‘absorb_percent’, ‘resist_percent’, ‘block_percent’, ‘avoidance_percent’, ‘miss_damage_percent’, ‘crit_damage_percent’, ‘overhit_damage_percent’
    • Engine (misc): ‘party_exp_percentage’
    • Events: ‘power_damage’, ‘chance_exec’
    • Death penalty: ‘currency’, ‘xp_total’, ‘xp_current_level’
    • Item: ‘dmg’, ‘abs’, ‘bonus’
    • Map: ‘enemygroup.chance’
    • Power: ‘requires_mp’, ‘requires_hp’, ‘requires_hpmp_state’, ‘attack_speed’, ‘hp_steal’, ‘mp_steal’, ‘missile_angle’, ‘angle_variance’, ‘post_effect’, ‘post_effect_src’, ‘pre_power’, ‘modifier_accuracy’, ‘modifier_damage’, ‘modifier_critical’
    • StatBlock: ‘stat’, ‘stat_per_level’, ‘stat_per_primary’, ‘vulnerable’, ‘chance_pursue’, ‘chance_flee’
  • Added engine/number_format.txt. This file defines the number of digits to print after the decimal point for fractional values under different contexts.
  • Add support for multiplicative stat bonuses. For example, an item bonus of 1.5x Max HP, which would be defined as ‘bonus=hp,150%’.
    • As such, the ‘hp_percent’ and ‘mp_percent’ stat bonuses are considered deprecated.
  • Players are directed to the Mods configuration menu via a dialog box when no core mod is enabled. (kr4ft3r)
    • Core mods are now labeled as such in their tooltips on the Mods configuration menu.
  • Added ‘resource_round_method’ property to engine/combat.txt.
  • Support arbitrary “MP-like” resources:
    • Configuration file: engine/resource_stats.txt
    • Added ‘requires_resource_stat’ and ‘resource_steal’ properties to Powers.
    • Added ‘requires_resource_stat_state’ and ‘requires_resource_stat_state_mode’ properties to Powers.
  • Added ‘enabled’ property to MenuStatBar definitions.

Engine fixes

  • Fixed set item tooltips showing incorrect number of equipped items if a set item was on an inactive loadout.
  • Fixed dev console commands not working if they were preceded by whitespace.
  • Fixed spawning entities not counting towards summoned entity count.
  • Fix broken gamepad navigation after closing Powers menu while on a non-default tab.
  • Removed hard-coded minimum values for HP/MP steal and damage return.
  • Fixed “activate” message incorrectly showing in MenuPowers tooltips.
  • Fix some cases where ‘min’ damage/absorb could be greater than the cooresponding ‘max’ value.
  • Fixed text input issues with deleting text on Android.

Game updates

  • Fireball and Ice Bolt scrolls now give the player a 10 second period in which their basic attacks (Swing, Shoot, Channel) are replaced with the scroll power.
  • Fixed the naming of scroll damage as it appears in power description tooltips.
  • Lowered Lezaith’s slow resistance to 50%, down from 100%
  • Lowered Lezaith’s stun resistance to 90%, down from 100%

Translation updates

  • German (de) update (Wuzzy2)
  • Scottish Gaelic (gd) update (GunChleoc)
  • Indonesian (id) update (Kirim Saja)
  • Italian (it) update (Riccardi Unix)
  • Japanese (ja) update (Sato Hayato)
  • Korean (ko) update (ks k, YooJin919)
  • Polish (pl) update (Pawonashi)
  • Russian (ru) update (berry)
  • Chinese (zh) update (Issac Zhang)
Flare 1.14

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  • December 12, 2022 at 3:51 am

    Thank you guys for the fantastic job you are doing ! I am already playing Empirean for the 5th time ! Always good fun !


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