Is there / will there be multiplayer?

There is currently no multiplayer. Much of the Flare engine would need to be re-worked to support such a feature, so do not expect it any time in the near future.

Where are save files and local mods located?


  • %APPDATA%\flare\userdata
  • \userdata

Linux / *nix

  • $XDG_DATA_HOME/flare/
  • $HOME/.local/share/flare/
  • ./userdata

Where are the configuration files located?


  • %APPDATA%\flare\config
  • \config

Linux / *nix

  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/flare/
  • $HOME/.config/flare/
  • ./config

I want to contribute. Do you accept donations?

The project as a whole does not collect any donations, but here are some relevant individuals you can support:

Empyrean Campaign (potential spoilers)

Where are the four wooden animal figurines?

  • Bear: Given as a reward for completing the “Brother?” quest in Grot Lagoon / Lake Kuuma.
  • Owl: Found on in a chest after traveling through the Nazia Mines.
  • Cat: On the altar at the end of Fort Nasu.
  • Turtle: Given as a reward for completing the “Fallen Comrades” quest in Oasis.