v0.19 Status

I pulled igorko’s Power Upgrade feature and removed a test cutscene from flare-game. Barring new bugs, v0.19 is tagged and ready for packaging. Please immediately report any issues.

Next step is to summarize the last 8 months (!) of change logs and update the Credits wiki. Tonight I’ll create binaries for Windows and OSX and prepare the various source bundles.

[– update 2013-12-02 19:45 UTC –]

Removed v0.19 tags for now because we’re noticing a few bits of data that need updating. I’ll post back here when tags are restored.

[– update 2013-12-02 21:17 UTC –]

v0.19 is now tagged in the flare-engine and flare-game repo. Tomorrow I’ll post the official release. For now, try the test downloads below and let us know if you encounter major issues. Packagers should note that we might make minor changes/fixes between now and tomorrow.

Test v0.19 Downloads



Linux etc. (build from source)


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