Flare engine v0.19 released!

Flare v0.19 is ready for modders and players! Most of the changes since the last version are internal to the engine code.

Engine changes
  • Power specific stat modifiers (Ryan Dansie)
  • Cutscenes (Stefan Beller)
  • Specify data path via command line argument (Justin Jacobs)
  • Minions support (Ryan Dansie)
  • Flare engine man page (Christoph Thompson)
  • Keyboard based menu navigation (Igor Paliychuk, Joseph Bleu, Justin Jacobs)
  • Movement using floating point positions (Stefan Beller, Justin Jacobs
  • Hardcore characters no longer share a stash (Stefan Beller)
  • Credits added to title menu (Igor Paliychuk)
  • Additional event triggers (Stefan Beller)
  • Configurable death penalty (Justin Jacobs)
  • Colorblind mode options (blazindragon)
  • Add chance_flee behavior for enemies (Justin Jacobs)
  • Currency as a stackable item (Justin Jacobs)
  • Inline configuration attribute documentation (Henrik Andersson)
  • New minimap tiles for false walls (Matthew Krohn)
  • Allow custom attack animations (Matthew Krohn)
  • EventManager to handle map and NPC events (Igor Paliychuk, Justin Jacobs)
  • Use paths in config files when referring to other files (Justin Jacobs)
  • Upgradeable powers (Ryan Dansie and Igor Paliychuk)
  • TONS of internal refactoring/cleanup (everyone)
  • Various bug fixes (everyone)

Special thanks to these translators who are contributing to Flare for the first time:

  • German (de) update by Wuzzy2
  • Greek (el) update by Michael Papageorgiou
  • Scottish Gaelic (gd) by gunchleoc
  • Chinese (zh) by lonsine
Game Changes
  • Gold is now a stackable item and can safely be stored in the shared stash
  • Heroic Swing and Greater Channel are now upgrades of starting powers
  • New powers Ember Shot and Thunderstrike



Linux etc. (build from source)


The core Flare team provides the above binaries and sources. Ports for all other platforms are done by fans and volunteers. If you have the expertise to update or port Flare to another platform, please do! Send me the download/repo link and I’ll add it to the download list.

Next for Flare

The next engine release will be 1.0! We are done with all major and minor features. The only tasks left are mainly internal refactoring and fixes.

I’m working on final maps for the full campaign. The first act of the campaign will come with version 1.0 of the engine.


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