Flare Engine v0.19 ready for translation

I’m officially declaring String Freeze for the Engine v0.19. This means translators can begin or update translations safely!

The Engine translation files are found on the GitHub repo. And on the GitHub wiki there are basic instructions on how our translations work.

Don’t worry about any data translations for now. The majority of changes since v0.18 are internal to the engine, so we haven’t needed to create much new game data for testing features. And we’re all looking forward to new content, hopefully I’ll have something to reveal soon.

Engine v0.19 release date

Have any engine translations submitted to us by Friday, Nov 29th! We will package and test over the weekend to release on Dec 1st.

Flare engine approaching 1.0!

We’re essentially feature-complete on the engine right now. There is a bit of refactoring and standardization still to go. So we’re identifying anything that might change config and data files down the road. Once version 1.0 is officially released we don’t want to go breaking games by changing the data specs!

Version 0.19 will essentially serve as our “Release Candidate” for v1.0. Before I officially put the 1.0 blessing on, I’ll be doing a full code and data review of the project.


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