Empyrean campaign

I’m working on the final content for Flare (game) 1.0. I’m going to have to find a real name for this (not Wandercall, that comes later) and let Flare be the engine name.

I started releasing the first few map ideas on GitHub. If you’re playing from the latest source, enable “fantasycore” and “empyrean_campaign” mods only to try it. Not much yet but you can start to see some of the personalities.

I’m going to build a story of my own here, but I am interested in some input from players and other modders.

  • What map areas of the alpha demo do you like adventuring in? Why?
  • What kind of map would you like to see done with the current tiles?
  • Which of the alpha quests do you find interesting? Why?
  • What kind of quests do you think will fit well in this style of action RPG?

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