Flare article at LinuxExpres

I found this great article about Flare by Pavel Petřík at LinuxExpres (Czech). It’s a surprisingly in-depth look at an earlier version of Flare. If you’ve discovered Flare through this article, welcome!

Alpha work

We’re still working on v0.18 data and features. I think we’ll find a cut-off point soon and announce a potential release date. It will be the final “alpha” version of the game. After that we’ll be in internal Beta.

Henrik has added a SoundManager class to Flare. This helps us streamline all sound effect loading/playing internally, and forces more consistency on data files. Next on that front we’ll be sifting through the code for “hardcoded” sound effects and moving those to config files.

I’ve been working on models for some new Artifact trinkets. These will be animal carvings that grant +1 bonus to a core attribute.

  • Bear Figurine +1 Physical (represents strength)
  • Owl Figurine +1 Mental (represents intelligence)
  • Cat Figurine +1 Offense (represents agility)
  • Turtle Figurine +1 Defense

Here’s a peek at the work-in-progress artifacts:

Bear figurine
Owl figurine

A small data change I did today is providing a purpose for gems. Now gems retain 100% of their value when selling. The gems represent denominations of gold: Sapphire 100g, Emerald 200g, Ruby 500g, Diamond 1000g. I’ve placed one of each gem on Kenrik the trader in the main town. Now players can buy gems as a way to save money to the Shared Stash (and prevent extra gold loss upon death).


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