Playtesting levels 1-4

Tonight I playtested each “pure” build from levels 1-4. It’s a vulnerable area, especially in a non-class-based system where a player might make unusual attribute choices. Later levels aren’t so bad, especially once a character starts mixing in secondary attributes.

Pure Physical (straight to longsword proficiency)

The higher health pool definitely helps this build. I didn’t really need potions until I got to the cave. I was a bit reckless around some spitters so I used up a few potions, but overall I felt like I could run around and destroy stuff. Pulling using line-of-sight and bleed kiting was effective and fun.

Pure Magical (straight to staff proficiency)

I had to conserve mana at first (picked off the slow zombies with a rod bash) but it felt fun and precarious. Once I could afford it I bought a handful of mana potions that kept the action going. Keeping shields up at level 4 was important for survival.

Pure Offense (straight to longbow proficiency)

This character has a very easy time at early levels. When he starts facing ranged creatures (skeletal mages and antlion spitters) he can easily be two-shot, so cautious and smart play take over. Feels like it’s lacking a mana-cost power at levels 2 and 3; a high-powered arrow shot could help.

Pure Defense (straight to steel armor proficiency)

By far the worst build in terms of fun. I died a lot until I could afford a buckler; after that I was able to stay alive by blocking and counterpunching. Survival becomes easy with a buckler and block, but it takes forever to kill anything. Block/counterattack does have a fun feel to it, but it definitely makes more sense with Physical sprinkled in. I’m not worried about the deficiencies here; nearly all players build around their main weapon first and add defense later.


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