Stat Renaming

This is what happens when I get too much extra time — I start changing things randomly!

I have renamed the following stats (across the game source code and data files).

  • Magical is now Mental
  • Health is now HP
  • Mana is now MP

I’ve done this to make the engine genre-neutral. An additional reason for this is to make populating the Powers menu easier, thematically — I can slot Mental Offense or Mental Defense powers that aren’t necessarily Magical in nature. Later when I add translation support, it will be possible to change the “Mental” label back to “Magical” (if desired).

Also, I did this update with bulk find/replace. I’m sure I broke stuff in the process. If you see something wrong lemme know.

Power Tree Rearrangement

From the change log for r298:

Trying a rearranged Powers tree.
- Lore removed, in its place is Channel
- Return removed, in its place Block
- Blood Strike moved to where Block was
- Immobilize added where Blood Strike was
- Haste and Cleave swapped
- Piering Shot and Multi Shot swapped

Additionally with this revision:
- New art for Channel
- New icons for the rearranged tree, and new base Powers menu
- Refactored "requires_ammo" into "requires_offense_weapon"
- Added requires_physical_weapon, requires_mental_weapon

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