Balance – Part 2

I’m testing several balance changes.

  • Starting HP and MP is now 12
  • Each level of Physical now grants +8 HP and +4 HP regen
  • Each level of Magical now grants +8 MP and +4 MP regen
  • Shock now costs mana again
  • HP Regen, MP Regen, and Crit are doubled on gear bonuses

The result I’m looking for: I want basic Physical characters to feel sturdier
and Physical Defense characters to feel like damage-soaking tanks.

Low-level mages and archers will have lower health. Mages have an easy Heal and
early Shield but have to manage mana. Archers have no easy healing but no
resource management (e.g. ammo).

I packaged up a Windows build of these changes. Also, I started up a forum thread to talk about balance issues.

Update: Potions

In r295 I have a new low-level potion (25 points, 25 gold). The high level potion has been changed (75 points, 75 gold).


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