NPCs with Dialog

morris989 sent in a Flare patch to add talking NPCs. It’s a simple implementation, but it adds the needed hooks to expand into more interesting conversation options later. Check out r280!

GameSwitcher added

A new class named GameSwitcher has been inserted. It is in the main.cpp. GameEngine is removed from main.cpp and is not a child of GameSwitcher. The new class handles the main game modes (anything that takes up the entire screen and controls). Basically it just calls the logic() and render() for the current game mode, and will perform various checks to transition to new game states. This is the place where the Title Menu, New Game (character create) Menu, and Load Game Menu will exist.

This is how I want the menus to interact:

Executable launched -> Main Menu

Main Menu -> New Game
          -> Load Game
          -> Exit Game (executable ends)

New Game -> Game Play
         -> Main Menu (on cancel)

Load Game -> Game Play
          -> Main Menu (on cancel)

Game Play -> Main Menu (Save and Exit To Title)

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