Flare v0.12 “Vendors” Released

It’s only been a couple weeks but v0.12 is ready! Here’s a quick list of changes since v0.12

  • Vendors have been added. Buy and sell items! There is one vendor at the spawn point and another vendor in the cave.
  • Voice-acting for the vendor by Brandon Morris (Augmentality)
  • Male vendor 3D model by TiZiana
  • Potions can be placed on the Action Bar. The number of remaining potions is shown. When you run out of that potion, the icon goes dark. Thanks to help from LongerDev.
  • Support for other powers on items has been added. This opens up the possibility for interesting items in the future (e.g. teleport boots).
  • Action is no longer paused when menus are open. This behavior can be changed in Settings.h. Contributed by LongerDev
  • Basic support for Mouse Movement added. Edit your save file and you’ll see a mouse_move option. Contributed by Cheshire.
  • Mouse-over on creatures shows a menu with the monster’s name, level, and health. Contributed by Cheshire.
  • Added a basic cmake file to the source distributable. Also rearranged the folder structure to make things easier for novice users. Thanks to gnurobert and ceninan for help on this!
  • Dying now has a penalty: 50% gold loss
  • Crits are more powerful and always do more damage than a regular attack.
  • Click here for a full list of credits.


Download v0.12

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v0.12 Gameplay Video


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