Looking Towards 0.05

I’ve been pretty busy with life and work, so I haven’t really touched anything yet for 0.05. The first step is to narrow down what sounds fun to work on. If I think about the project as a whole it’s overwhelming, but if I focus on a short list of tasks it’s manageable.

Category 1: Map Interaction

  • Map interaction (switch toggle, open door/chest/crate/barrel, extinguish brazier)
  • Map interactions that edit the map (throw a lever to open a secret wall)
  • Map “pressure plate” triggers (e.g. traps or portals)
  • Runtime map unloading/loading

Category 2: Menu Interaction

  • Word Wrap support for font class
  • Upper ASCII on font graphic
  • Draggable Icons (Powers and Inventory menus)
  • Icon database

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