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Map Loading

Collecting my thoughts on map loading. The following things have to occur to dump an old map and load a new one:

  • User steps on a tile tagged with an event.
  • A flag is set to load a new map, with the new map filename and position taken from the triggered event.
  • GameEngine needs to check for this flag because it is the parent of the following objects.
  • MapIso::load(filename)
  • EnemyManager::handleNewMap() // add function to remove all enemies
  • HazardManager::handleNewMap() // add function to remove all hazards
  • Add logic to TileSet: if we already have the correct tileset we shouldn’t reload it.
  • Set the Avatar (x,y) to the trigger event’s destination (x,y).
  • Change MapIso and TileSet to interpret tile indexes as hex 00-ff instead of dec 00-99

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