Commissions Update

Several artists have contacted me in the last couple weeks to see if help is needed on OSARE. I’m already blown away with the interest in this very early project.

At this point in the project I’m not interested in forming a “team” (simply because that sounds too much like work to me). I can do a significant amount of the game art myself, and the rest I pay commissions to get specific tasks done. Especially for areas I’m not strong in: concept art (I’m a very left-brain artist, so I need creative help), music (not a composer), and items that require good painting skills (finished icons, portraits, etc).

Unfortunately, real life has interrupted my commission plans. I will have to put new commissions on hold for at least a couple months. My car died two days ago. I’m digging into my savings to get a new one. Until I get adjusted to these new payments I won’t know how much I have to spend on commission work.

In the meantime I can work on getting more features into the engine. Really, the bulk of the commission work will happen when OSARE is in beta (mostly feature complete) and production on an actual game begins. At the current pace, OSARE will be close to feature complete in Fall 2010.


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