OSARE v0.04 Release

OSARE v0.04 is ready for download. New to this version is font support and basic menus. I spent a lot of time in the last few weeks creating several iterations of the graphics for the font, menus, and icons


  • NOTE: now runs in windowed mode by default (apologies to XP users, windowed mode seems to change the desktop resolution). To run in fullscreen mode use -f or –fullscreen options at command line (easier to use options coming in a future release)
  • FontEngine is a class that handles drawing of a bitmap font, with support for left/center/right justify (word wrap coming in a future release)
  • Finished the icons for Powers. Commissioned Blarumyrran to finish the icons for the basic set of weapons/armors.
  • Character Menu displays the proper info based on the Avatar’s stats (level up coming in a future release)
  • Powers Menu displays the Avatar’s build (dragging powers to the action bar coming in a future release)
  • Log and Inventory menus are mostly static. Inventory drag/drop and equipping coming later. I still haven’t settled on a design for the Log, which will contain quest info and achievements.
  • I refactored all the menus and hud under a MenuManager class. That class controls which menus should be displayed. In a future release it will handle drag/drop between the Inventory, Powers, and ActionBar menus.
  • When the core menus are open (Character, Log, Powers, Inventory) the game action is paused.
  • The actionbar hotkeys work but clicking on the action bar doesn’t work yet. Also, still no way to change the default key bindings. All this coming in future releases.

screenshot of combat
screenshot of character menu
screenshot of powers menu



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