(Post written by Justin. This blog isn’t really built for multiple contributors, and I don’t know where else to indicate who’s posting.)

A web browser version of Flare had long been a distant wish. Thanks to Emscripten, such a wish has become a reality. This port is an excellent example as to why we keep Flare’s dependencies to a minimum. Just about anywhere SDL goes, we can go, too.

As for the porting process itself, I got my feet wet by first porting my own games. I then got the opportunity to help port C-Dogs SDL. One of the biggest hurdles was figuring out how to do persistent storage for save files and user configuration. There simply isn’t much documentation out there. Thankfully, I found this article, which helped immensely.

Only after porting those games did I feel confident and knowledgable enough to tackle getting Flare running in a browser. There are a few loose ends, but it works just about perfectly. I’ve hosted a copy of it here for you to try out. It’s a good way to take a look at the latest from our team without having to compile the development version from Github.


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