Flare 0.95 is ready for translation

We are now declaring a string freeze for both flare-engine 0.95 and flare-game 0.95. New translators should refer to the guide on the wiki. Below is a list of the areas that may need translation work:

Translations are preferably submitted as pull requests on Github, but you can also email them to me using the address on my Github page.

Help wanted: Mac OS X version maintainer

Our previous maintainer of the Mac OS X version can no longer provide up to date builds of the engine. So we are looking for someone who can provide .dmg files for the engine and the full game (i.e. engine + fantasycore/empyrean_campaign). If you are able to assist, please let us know in this Github thread.

Flare 1.0 release date

Please have your translations sent to us by March 9th. We will test and package over the weekend and release on Monday, March 12th.

Flare 0.95 downloads

If you are interested in translating or testing before the 1.0 release, use these downloads:

Flare 0.95, the actual 1.0 Release Candidate

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