HD art, one slice at a time

We have parallel projects going for Flare, based on the strengths that various contributors are bringing to the project. The engine is 1.0 release candidate stage, and ready for a variety of content for testing and feedback. The 1.0 content Empyrean Campaign is being built to showcase the full set of engine features. If you’re interested in creating game content like maps, creature stats, item drops, quests, now is definitely the time to get involved!

I created the bulk of Flare’s isometric art module fantasycore around 2010-2011. That’s three tileset, a half dozen enemies, and a variety of weapons and armor. I barely knew my way around Blender, and used a rough style that worked well enough for the original tiny sprite sizes. We get requests often for higher res art, but this old art doesn’t scale up well at all. I’ve been practicing my 3D modeling skills to prepare for an upgrade.

Producing high def art assets takes a lot of time and expertise and learning. It’s going to be years before we have enough HD assets to showcase every engine feature. So instead of replacing all the old art at once, we’re going to build new art once slice at a time. And each of these slices will be released as standalone, playable game mods.

Justin Nichol (freeforall.cc) and I are collaborating on that first slice. The first mod will be a warrior’s tale. It will focus around content for basic melee combat. Take a peek at some of the art we’re working on! A magic sword, and a work-in-progress ogre.

Magic Sword
by clintbellanger
on Sketchfab

Ogre WIP
by clintbellanger
on Sketchfab


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