Horde of Cuteness!

Flare artist Justin Nichol has an amazing new free culture art project live now — Horde of Cuteness!

Horde of Cuteness illustrations of story book monsters

Justin is building a collection of CC-BY-SA (Share-Alike) images especially for the free/libre game dev community. I love the way these little storybook style monsters look! One of my definite dreams with the Flare engine is to have a kids adventure game that follows the imagination of youth. These critters are setting up the perfect art style for that project.

These Creative Commons Share-Alike art packs are useful for all sorts of game projects. Check out these cards by Thane Brimhall, featuring art by me and Justin!

Tabletop game rules cards featuring Creative Commons art

Art in Flare

We’ve recently added many more styles of melee weapons in Flare’s core game data. These were commissioned by the team at Exiled Kingdoms which makes great use of lots of Flare art.

Here are the basic models for these ten new weapons. The Blender models (CC-BY-SA) can be found in our game repo here.

Rendering of ten plain martial weapons

Justin added paint-overs for nice looking icons. These are CC0 along with the rest of Flare’s icon sets.

Painted icons for the medieval weapons pack

Engine Happenings

Be sure to subscribe to Justin Jacob’s github blog for the latest developer updates for the engine! And keep an eye out for a new Flare RPG website, coming soon.


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