Wandercall women base models

Wandercall will use the Flare engine but will feature almost entirely new art. Here is a peek at the base female models. Players can choose their heroine’s size (small, medium, large) and skin tone (light, medium, dark). I’m also showing the WIP zombie/infected skin tone.

I’m using sizes here that are average for current industrialized nations. The models for these are US dress size 8 for small, 16 medium, and 24 for large.

I wonder: will people use the largest size? It would be great and inclusive if I support that size. I also know it’s an extra few hundred hours over the life of the project. For now I’m going for it. I’m hoping these options are close enough for most people sized 0 to 30 to make a character like themselves.

PS: I hired awesome friends to model for these three body shapes. They all lead physically active lifestyles: one enjoys nature hikes, one plays roller derby, and one is a burlesque dancer.


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