Building and Running Flare Games

Lately we’ve added some powerful, flexible options for running Flare games. But it could make building and running complex. So we’ve added some basic instructions to the Flare-game README.

The Simplest Setup

If you are building and running Flare Game from source, this is the simplest way to get started on all operating systems. Here you build and play Flare in a local folder instead of installing it to a standard OS folder (e.g. /usr/local or Program Files).

  • Clone the flare-engine repo and build the executable.
  • Clone the flare-game repo into your user directory.
  • Put the flare executable inside the flare-game folder
  • The executable and the “mods” folder should be in the same directory
  • Run Flare

Dorkster also wrote up new instructions for Building and Running on Linux.

If you get stuck let us know — we’re still looking for ways to improve this. And if you know a lot about building/packaging and know ways for us to automate these steps, please open a discussion issue about it.


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