Flare Minions

I recently approved code (contributed by Ryan Dansie) that adds basic Minions support in Flare. This will allow Flare games to have summonable creatures, tamed enemies, or simple allies.

This may be the last major new game feature I approve for Flare 1.0. Wow!

Not to say that we won’t be adding/improving features. One of our major goals probably for version 0.20 is making all the menus work fully on systems with no mouse/pointer. And there will be smaller game features that make it in, but those will mostly be expanding existing features — like adding new item bonus types, or adding new spell types.

But the bulk of the remaining code work for 1.0 is cleanup. Refactoring some parts to make more sense. Hardening input file handling and adding more helpful error logs. Naming and comment consistency. That kind of thing.


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