Upcoming Tasks

Everything is coming together for the Flare engine. It’s an exciting time, and there’s so much to do! If you are interested in helping in any way let us know.

  • Beta Engine tasks
    • Convert internal map units to floats
    • Cutscene additional cleanup
    • Consider minions feature
    • Input file standardization pass
  • Flare-Game tasks
    • Create new logo
    • Create new website
    • Launch name branding
    • Map and quest design for Act I
  • Tutorials
    • Create reference wiki pages for all data file types
    • Create example maps for DevLab
    • Create longer, friendly content-creation tutorials
  • Core Art
    • Test updated lights/colors for all three tile sets
    • Create one alternate of each existing set
    • Render HDCore data
    • Create set-pieces useful for Flare-Game
    • Add additional tiles to make the sets more flexible

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