Animal Figurine Artifacts

I finally finished up this set of four animal figurines. In Flare these are powerful artifacts that add +1 to a core attribute — often letting heroes use equipment or powers beyond their current skill. I also added a splash of paint markings one each one that basically fits the theme of that attribute.

  • Bear Figurine (red paint) grants +1 Physical (aka Strength)
  • Owl Figurine (blue paint) grants +1 Mental (aka Intellect)
  • Cat Figurine (yellow paint) grants +1 Offense (aka Agility)
  • Turtle Figurine (green paint) grants +1 Defense

animal figurines render preview with red bear, blue owl, yellow cat, green turtle

Download these Animal Figurines at

In my imagination, these sort of serve as “spirit animals” to the heroes in the Flare universe. I like the feeling that they’re simple, almost like children’s toys — which sort of gives them their power. I drew inspiration from the game Zen Bound 2 when thinking of these.

How the icons look in-game at fantasycore size and the upcoming hdcore size.

32 pixel icons
64 pixel icons


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