Flare v0.18 ready for Translators

The string freeze is now in effect for Flare v0.18. This just means that we won’t change any displayed text between now and the v0.18 release at the end of March. This gives translators two weeks to create and submit updated translation files.

I’ve created a very basic Tutorial page on Translating Flare.

The most important file to translate is the engine.pot file.

After that, time permitting, the fantasycore and alpha_demo data.pot files.

Contact me if you have any questions. Also, if you’re editing an existing translation, be sure to contact the previous translators to make sure they’re not already working on it.

I’ll take translations up until the end of the day on March 29th. Once it’s March 30th everywhere on the globe I’ll begin packaging Flare for various platforms. Thanks for helping!


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