Item Ideas

Have item ideas for Flare (the game)? Share them in the comments.

Rather than give the same mundane stats to each item slot, I’m leaning towards having an item slot affinity. Boots will tend to have bonuses that affect movement. Example ideas:

  • Boots that grant increased movement speed
  • Boots that halve all movement impairment durations (stun, immobilize, slow)
  • Boots that halve threat range of enemies (sneaking/stealth boots)
  • Boots that grant water walking
  • Boots that grant limited levitation (movement across water or pits)
  • Boots that grant jumping
  • Boots that allow movement across ice (or fire, or acid)
  • Boots that allow limited teleport
  • Boots that grant haste on cooldown
  • Boots that grant a significant dodge bonus (+avoidance)

Some of these would be harder to add than others, but let us devs worry about that. Better to get interesting ideas than to be concerned about any limitations.

Some sample item slot guidelines. These aren’t hard set rules, and may overlap some with other slots. The general rule: if the total item (description, name, bonus) is awesome then it’s all good.

  • Hands slot for attacking, combat, dexterity, manipulation, luck, rogue type bonuses
  • Chest slot for defense, health, faith type bonuses
  • Leg slot for endurance, stability, storage, possibly movement bonuses
  • Head slot for intelligence, focus, disguise, illusion, vision type bonuses
  • Weapons for various attack statuses
  • Shields for elemental defenses, missile defenses, etc.
  • Rings as catch-all various usages
  • Artifacts may be reserved for on-use items or major quest type items


Throughout the day (week?) I’m going to add some of my ideas to this post.

  • Gloves that increase gold found (thief gloves)
  • Gloves that increase crit chance (duelist gauntlet)
  • Gloves that increase item pickup and interaction range (mage sleeves, flavored as telekinesis cantrip)
  • Gloves with high absorb, low requirements (bracers of defense)
  • Gloves with +melee damage (gauntlets of titan strength)
  • Gloves with +ranged damage (sniper gloves)
  • Gloves with +magic damage (archmage sleeves)
  • Gloves with MP restore after kill
  • Gloves with HP restore after kill (bloody mail gauntlets)
  • Gloves with high bonus accuracy
  • Pants that increase MP regen (mage skirt)
  • Pants that increase HP regen (bloody mail greaves)
  • Pants that reduce bleeding duration
  • Pants that reduce poison duration
  • Chest that increases maximum MP (mage mantle)
  • Chest that increases maximum HP (bloody mail cuirass)
  • Chest with high avoidance bonus (cloak of displacement)
  • Chest with healing bonus
  • Helmet that detects invisible enemies (assuming we add invisible enemies)
  • Helmet that detects enemies through walls (assuming we start hiding enemies that aren’t in line of sight)
  • Helmet that reduces all power cooldowns (mage hood)
  • Helmet TBD (skull helmet)
  • Helmet TBD (creepy mask)
  • Helmet TBD (crown)
  • Ring that increases experience gained (signet ring)
  • Ring that increases chance of finding items (scavenger ring)
  • Ring that increases resistance against one element
  • Ring that increases resistance against all elements
  • Ring that increases absorb (ring of defense)
  • Shield that reflects missiles (mirror shield)
  • Shield that hurts attackers (spiked shield)
  • Shield that stuns attackers
  • Shield with high elemental defense (one for each element)

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