Work in Progress: Items

With the additional inventory slots we added recently, we’ll have to change the scale of most of the combat numbers. Each individual piece of armor can have an absorb amount so the overall numbers need to be higher.

I’m going to switch over to a stripped-down item list so we can figure out what numbers work best. We’ll have to do some playtesting and number tweaking with the base values before we add magical items back into the mix.

Some of the old equipment might not come back. Keep this in mind if you’re attached to a current save file. It’s necessary progress — something we have to do now in Alpha while we still can.

Items that are interesting

When we reintroduce magic items, we will be focusing on fewer but more interesting magic items. Current flare items are mostly not very interesting — they boost a single “random” stat. I’d prefer if magic items each had a strong niche bonus instead. Then we give these items unique names and flavor text to further make them feel special.

A typical current flare item:

Shortsword of Destruction
Increases crit by 4

An example equivalent upcoming flare item:

Last Rites
Deals double damage to Undead
When the Warpriests of Sceleria began their mercy killings, they used these morning stars on the most faithful parishioners first.


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