Equipment Slots

Several cumulative code changes are going to allow us to add new equipment slots to Flare.

The current visible equipment slots:

  • Main hand (swords or staffs)
  • Off hand (shields or bows)
  • Body (full body armor)

The new visible slots will be:

  • Main hand
  • Off hand
  • Feet (boots up to the knee)
  • Legs (waist down to the knee and optionally lower)
  • Hands (gloves up to the elbow)
  • Chest (upper arms, torso, optionally lower)
  • Head (neck up)

Also we can add a few non-visible slots where items can be equipped but they aren’t displayed on the hero sprite. Probably we’ll do:

  • 2 Ring slots
  • Artifact slot

Maybe we’ll do more, but that brings us to an even 10 slots.


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