Bugfix release v0.17.1

If you upgraded to v0.17 from v0.16 and had trouble continuing your save games, this minor release should help.

Bug Fixes:
  • Instant-sell items now go to the vendor Buyback tab
  • Disable New/Load buttons if there is no story mod loaded
  • Prevent crash when binding higher number mouse buttons
  • Prevent crash when loading a map with missing layers
  • Add helpful tooltips when play buttons are disabled
  • Removed -flto compiler flag from default build script

If you installed v0.17 completely new, you can probably skip this update.

After you update, you may have to enable the alpha_demo mod. I’ve done this by default in the new Windows build. To do this, go to Configuration, Mods tab, and enable “alpha_demo”.

Notes for Builders

If you’ve been building previous versions of Flare for some platform or operating system:

You can create your entire package from the flare-game github repo. The flare-engine repo is mainly for people who want to fork and build a completely new game.


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