Map on_load events

I’ve added a new event type “on_load” that is automatically executed (if campaign requirements are met) when the map is loaded. I specifically needed this to make discovered teleport waypoints remain active. But it’ll have plenty other uses: e.g. we can make the Averguard Temple door stay open, or we can make bosses no longer respawn.

Warp Zone

Soon I’ll be pushing up a prototype of the waypoint system. There will be a new Warp Zone map that takes the player to different areas.


Here it is, at least for the Frontier maps. There’s a waypoint in Frontier Outpost, Ancient Temple, and Ydrakka Pass.

Waypoint map screenshot


One thought on “2012/08/14

  • February 2, 2023 at 4:56 am


    Maybe you know or not. The teleport on the Lake Kuuma board is inactive, is there something I need to do to activate it, “turn left three times and spit over your right shoulder” ;-).

    thank you.


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