Game Schedule

When will we be able to see a new Flare The Game?

We’re very close to having all engine features in place — just a few more months and it’ll be “feature complete”. Then the engine enters Beta stage where we’ll fix bugs, make more things configurable, add lots more error messages/checks, etc. Some of the remaining engine-level features. We should have these features done before the end of the year:

  • Buff/debuff renderables handling
  • Passive powers
  • Configurable damage types
  • Loot table restructure
  • Cutscene support

We’re in planning stages right now for the final game. I’m working on art for some new game features (traps, teleporters, etc) and we’re going to create test maps that demonstrate how all these features work. Armed with those tools, we’ll start creating final maps and quests probably next month (September 2012).

The new engine features for v0.17 are basically done now. That went way faster than expected (thanks especially to dorkster and igorko!). So I haven’t figured out the new time line yet. I’m pondering September 1st for a v0.17 release. And we should start seeing final content shortly after that.


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