Configurable Menus

The Flare crew has been working hard on making all the menus configurable. Now it’s much easier to change the layout of any of the menus or add a completely different art style.

Also we’re working on two new UI mods. one is called “default”, shown here. It is a bare-bones mod that serves as a good clean slate for total conversions. Also it’s always enabled; so if you disable all mods, you can still get back into the config menu to turn mods back on.

Default mod with plain UI art

The second mod is named “320×240” and pushes the UI scale down to that minimum size. This mod serves as a starting point for people who want to port Flare to devices with small displays (below 640×480 in size). We’re creating an equivalent game data mod that makes the base tile size 32×16 and scales all the art down 50%. These mods combined should help Flare reach all sorts of devices. We’re still working out kinks with this mod but it’s helping us find hardcoded or incorrect values in various menus.

320x240 UI mod


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