v0.16 Progress

Version 0.16 nears! A suite of very nice engine polish is just around the corner. Some things to look forward to, if you aren’t already playing from source:

  • Much improved enemy pathfinding
  • New! Enemies move around each other, block paths, surround the hero
  • Clean, user-friendly config menu with many options
  • Art additions! New wyvern, minotaur animations, female vendor voices, many new portraits
  • Under the hood support for unique enemy types (e.g. bosses)
  • Transformation! Change into creature form and use their special powers
  • Support for orthogonal tile sets!
  • Lots more …

I’m tentatively proposing June 30th as the String Freeze Date, with July 7th as v0.16 binary release. We have only a few more tasks to get through, but if those get sticky we may move those dates back one week.


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