Focus: Game or Engine?

I’m pondering the focus for the near-future of Flare. Please add your opinion to the discussion.

Code Conventions

Flare might be run a bit different than other Free Software projects. The main strange thing: there’s not an oligarchy over the project. There’s just me. I’m the lead coder and lead artist, so I make unilateral decisions.

For about the first year of Flare, I wrote 100% of the code and created 90% of the art (commissioned the rest). In the last year, I’ve been grateful to have volunteer contributions from all over the world. Even still, just over 50% of the commits to the project are mine. I’m still the arbiter of every pull request.

I listed some Code Conventions on the GitHub wiki.

I want to reiterate here the #1 rule of contributing to Flare: you must discuss any non-trivial code change with me first. Flare’s code has years of decision-making behind it and at least a year of future changes planned. I’ve had to reject really good code contributions because they don’t fit with the plan — because the contributor didn’t discuss things with me before starting.

I don’t like rejecting solid work from eager developers. I think most open source projects much prefer small, incremental patches whenever possible. And, I’m more than happy to discuss design ideas with people interested in contributing.


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