Wyvern WIP

Having fun with the low poly wyvern. With every new model I create, I learn just a little more about effective poly use and edge flow. I still feel like I’m stumbling around (and sometimes getting lucky). Example: here most of the limbs are six-sided (hex cross section), and I’m just figuring out that extruding two quads is an easy way to connect a new six-sided limb. I like the way the edges came out on the face in particular. I took care to use quads everywhere so that I can try some sculpting later.

Wyvern WIP thumbnail 1

Wyvern WIP thumbnail 2

Wyvern WIP thumbnail 3

Current poly count: 431 quads (862 tris). I’m guessing with the wings it’ll end up in the 1500 tri area. I might create an optional non-manifold “trim” mesh for stuff like horns and teeth, all those close-up details that don’t particularly matter for my game.

Next up is making the wings. It’ll be an interesting challenge to make sure the wings fold, stretch, and flap correctly.

Got the low-poly wings done. The “skin” part of the wings are single-face thick and have some tris, for better shading. The model is currently 1508 tris total.

Wyvern WIP thumbnail 4

I’m still not sure how the wing armature is going to work out. I might be experimenting with weight paints.


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