Paypal Donate button added

By request of a community member, I’ve added a Paypal Donate button to the sidebar. I also created a Donation Info/Log page to document where the money goes.

Regarding Flare’s funding: so far most of Flare has been a volunteer effort from myself and many contributors across the world. On occasion I have paid commission works out of my own pocket — for music, art, or as bounties for code features. Flare is not a commercial project. All of the code and art is generously Copyleft licensed for the benefit of the entire Free Gaming community.

I work full-time, and Flare is something I contribute to on nights and weekends when I can. I don’t expect to personally make profit from Flare. So any donations we take in will go towards improving Flare. For now I’ll use my personal discretion in where to spend Flare’s donations (mostly commissions for new art or code). If we ever get to a point where that’s a lot of money, I’ll turn to the Flare community for guidance.

Thanks to any of you who are interested in donating! Your donations tell us that you like the project, and that you want to see it succeed and grow.


One thought on “2012/02/09

  • March 19, 2018 at 4:51 am

    I just downloaded Flare 1.0 last week and spent really good time playing it.
    Looks like Donate button is no longer visible. I’d like to thank you for fun at least in form of spending some money using Donate/Support via PayPal button. Please reconsider adding Donate button to top level menu.
    Best regards


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