Flare v0.15 “Translations and Mods”


Release Notes

It’s been a long road! Finally we’re at the v0.15 release with a nice amount of new content. Enjoy!

  • Now using TTF for fonts
  • All game data can be overwritten/added via mods
  • Translation support for the core engine and mods
  • New Grassland tileset
  • New questing areas: Frontier and Living Bones
  • Redesigned creatures are tougher and more varied

Special thanks to the following contributors:

  • Thane Brimhall “pennomi” – Living Bones mod and plenty of code
  • Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo – code and Debian/Ubuntu packaging
  • Igorko: code and Win build features
  • Hennr – Debian/Ubuntu packaging
  • Remaxim – composer of Magical Theme
  • Brandon Morris – steps foley, new level up sound
  • Justin Nichol – character portraits
  • Stefan Beller – Tiled flare export mod and automapping help
  • Thorbjorn Lindeijer – Tiled tileset offset feature
  • AMDmi3 – Build help
  • acieroid – Display power cooldown timer and various mouse/menu fixes

And thanks to the following translators:

  • (by) Belarussian by mikhailSaTuRn
  • (de) German by Thomas ‘CruzR’ Glamsch
  • (es) Spanish by Juan Pablo ‘morris989’ Tamayo
  • (fi) Finnish by Timo Sievänen
  • (fr) French by acieroid and Bonbadil
  • (gl) Galacian by Gallaecio
  • (ja) Japanese by Paul Wortmann
  • (ru) Russian by Sbasalaev
  • (sv) Swedish by Andreas Berheim Brudin
  • (uk) Ukrainian by igorko

(I’m sure I’m missing someone — drop me a note and I’ll add you to the list! If you’d like to list your real name instead of your github username, let me know. Also, if you’d like me to add a link to your website here or in the credits, drop me a note. -Clint)

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