Font Rendering BugFix

We were seeing drastic lag when trying to render Cyrillic text (maybe any multi-byte utf8?) in real-time. After digging around and making my algorithms as speedy as I could, it’s still slow. At this point I’m assuming rendering text (vector to raster) is expensive (much more so than blitting the rastered font to screen).

So the solution is to hold onto that rasterized text instead of rendering it each frame. This may sound obvious, but it wasn’t an issue when we were using a bitmap font. And isn’t an issue with ASCII characters and the particular font I’m using. So maybe there’s still a bug somewhere, but buffering the rendered font works.

We have lots of translations rolling in (keep them coming!) so I want to make sure those users get a great experience. This tiny bug fix has turned into refactoring many menus and widgets. I don’t want to drop v0.15 right after I’ve introduced a ton of new code. So, v0.15 may be delayed up to a week (!). The new release target date is around Friday, Dec 23.


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