Flare Promotion

I’ve gotten this question more than any other in the past two weeks: “Why aren’t you promoting Flare more?”

Short answer: it’s coming. Sometime this summer I plan to do wider promotion of Flare.

Some people are confused: why would any project want to wait to get more attention? Well, even the tiny trickle of Flare feedback I’m getting these days is taking up a significant portion of my time. Not that I mind — the feedback I’m getting is often earnest and helpful, and the volume is such that I can respond to pretty much everyone.

I’m not a “sales” guy — I’m terrible at promotion because most of the time it just isn’t genuine. Perhaps you can help me. I’d much rather see Flare grow organically. I feel bad signing up for a new forum to talk about Flare, but I’m comfortable talking about it to the communities I already know. Maybe you are part of communities that would enjoy this game: if so, share a link.

I’m not here to make a dime. I will probably never try to make a dime from this. I just want to make nice things; maybe someone else will enjoy them if I’m fortunate. Hopefully I’ll find more people who love the genre enough to craft worlds with me.


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