Flare v0.11 “Enemy Powers”

Flare v0.11 is up! It’s been a long, busy four months and I’m finally back on track. The focus on this release is Enemy Powers!

  • Enemies have four slots for powers. New enemies shoot bows, cast spells, throw javelins, and more!
  • Most powers moved to a config file.
  • New: Cave level (head east from the Goblin Warrens. Creatures are level ~6)
  • New creature art: skeletal archer, skeletal mage, fire antlion, ice antlion, antlion hatchling
  • Some magical ranged weapons have Ice and Fire Ammo…
  • Various bug fixes and new minor features

Special thanks to these contributors:

  • Brandon Morris composed the Cave theme
  • Thane “pennomi” Brimhall scripted the Cave enemies and events
  • Gordon “mogrohl” patched the looting-while-dead bug
  • ferrer patched uninitialized music variables
  • BartK contributed new zombie sounds (“Braaaains!”)
  • Full list of credits here

Download v0.11


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