v0.11 Release Candidate

Google Code revision 232 represents the release candidate for v0.11. As far as I know, the code features I want are complete. I may still add a couple bug fixes. I’ll also add a few tweaks to pennomi’s cave map.

Items that modify Powers

Items may now modify powers. This was mainly implemented to have various projectiles by bows e.g. to have slingshots shoot stones.

I converted all fire/ice resist slings and bows into weapons that shoot fire/ice missiles (and I switched the resist on them… a bow that shoots fire gives resistance to ice). This isn’t just for show — it adds that elemental trait to attacks. These weapon powers show up as Green Text on the weapon tooltip. The system can be used to add things like bleed/stun to weapon attacks. It can’t change the base power type though (e.g. you can’t make a melee sword shoot missile fire… yet).

Enemies with Elemental Resist/Vulnerability

The fire-shooting bows aren’t just for show. Now creatures can resist or be vulnerable to Fire and Ice. Generally, if a creature shoots ice spells it is resistant to ice but vulnerable to fire (and vice versa). So Skeletal Mages that shoot Ice Shards take double damage from fire (e.g. Burn spell or fire weapons). The new fiery-colored antlions that spit fire take half damage from fire and double damage from ice.

New Creature Art

I added fire, ice, and hatchling versions of antlions. These are simple recolors/resizes.


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