Art To Do

OSARE has a few months of alpha code tasks before it’s time to really focus on more art. However, that new art should trickle in with each release until Beta.

New Enemies
  • Dragonmen with paladin and priest equipment.
  • Elementals with fire and ice main options
  • Wyverns
Enemy Variants
  • Antlion hatchling and queen size variants
  • Skeletal archers and mages
  • Goblin war chiefs and shaman
  • Minotaurs with tribal and armored options
Existing Creatures

I’m on the lookout for existing creatures I can add to osare. If you have an open-licensed creature and want to see it in my game, let me know!

There are plenty more fantasy-standard creatures I’d like in my game. Ogres, dragons, centaurs, gnolls, demons, etc. all deserve a spot in osare.


The Caves are coming in v0.11, but there are plenty more tilesets I want to do.

  • Grassland
  • Town
  • Forest
  • Desert
  • Mountain
  • Tundra
  • Ancient Bridges
  • Temple Interior
  • Coastal
  • Wizard Academy
  • Villain Fortress

I want to add hammers and axes, both using Physical requirements. They’ll basically operate the same as swords in my current loot setup. This would make physical weapons much more common than other weapons. That’s okay by me — it’s harder to survive anyway when you have to get into melee range to kill anything.

  • Club (Phys 2)
  • Mace (Phys 3)
  • Hand Axe (Phys 3)
  • Hammer (Phys 4)
  • Axe (Phys 4)
  • Greathammer (Phys 5)
  • Greataxe (Phys 5)

I want to have visual variants on all items. Each weapon/armor should have a mundane, high quality, and epic art version. Maybe a few color variations for each.


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