v0.11 Plans

This changes almost daily but it helps me to write things down. The more I write down, the less I have to juggle mentally.

  • four power slots per enemy
  • various power fixes for creature use
  • add slot-based power cooldowns for enemies
  • move all power data to config file

Some things will slip to later releases. It’s easy to forgive creatures for being kinda unintelligent if they have interesting powers.

What this release will allow is an explosion of creature variations. To help with that I hope to include several variations on existing creatures. E.g. I want a skeleton variation that is obviously a spellcaster, and one that is obviously an archer.

I’ll add at least one cave map too. If you’ve played osare as much as I have, you’re ready for a change of scenery.

Timeline? I’ll be traveling this weekend. Hopefully during the down time I’ll get some code done. v0.11 should be ready early December.

Future Timeline

2010 has been the year of OSARE’s alpha development. I released v0.01 on January 1st, 2010. I’ve almost been able to do one release per month. Note that OSARE has been my priority #3 at best: work and girlfriend come first. So I’m pleased with this pace.

OSARE still has big milestones left to go. If I’m only concerned with essential features:

  • Vendors/Merchants
  • NPC Dialog
  • Simple Quest System
  • Title Screen
  • Load Game Screen
  • Character Creation Screen

Glance at the list and you’ll notice that it’s mostly about menus. The core gameplay — the action part of the game — is already near completion. I would love to have those things done by May 2011 (and I think it’s doable). At that point the project might be (gasp!) Beta.

Development will still continue as-needed. It’s important for me to deliver a real game, instead of making tons of game types possible. These things are not going to be a priority. I probably won’t be needing them for my first osare game. Essentially — these features are neat, but distract from the goal of having a great action rpg.

  • Dialog trees
  • Reputation system
  • Crafting system
  • Minigame (e.g. fishing) system
  • Scriptable cutscenes
  • Puzzle style bosses (e.g. Zelda)
  • Pets or hirelings
  • Achievements and unlockables

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