Selling Items

Traditionally in these kinds of games, selling unwanted items means a trek back to the vendor every time your inventory is full. Some games like Torchlight added a convenience feature to allow your pet to handle this errand for you. I’m going one further: just CTRL-click an item in the inventory and you sell it, no matter where you are. This has been implemented in the latest svn check-in.

Perhaps this ruins immersion or simulation, but it’s not like hack & slash games are sims. Assume your hero stashes unwanted items somewhere and does the actual transaction when you do reach a vendor. This also removes the real need for a two-way Town Portal and encourages uninterrupted action. I’ll make it so this instant-sell can be disabled, in case games don’t want that feature.

Mini Map

Added a simple minimap. I hadn’t planned to do that just yet but it didn’t take long.

I might add a new collision type for invisible walls. This will help mark off exits and keep hidden passages secret on the mini-map.


Added invisible wall type. This is tile #15 (h0f) of the tileset (the first 16, 00-0f, being reserved for collision). This acts like a wall when it comes to collision but does not display in the minimap. Now, map exits appear as openings on the minimap but are solid walls — this will help with the Teleport spell to keep the player from getting off the map. I’m also using these “invisible” walls to keep hidden passages from being spoiled on the mini-map.


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