Player/Enemy speed is stored as int coordinates. Diagonal speed vs. cardinal speed is calculated using the Pythagorean Theorem.

There are rounding errors of course. Here is a table of acceptable speed/dspeed for enemies. The hero uses 10,7 (it would more accurately be 10,7.07 which is close enough). Note that when moving diagonal (map coordinates; this looks cardinal on the screen) the dspeed is applied in both directions.

  • speed,dspeed
  • 3,2 (rotting zombie, goblin)
  • 4,3 (skeleton, zombie)
  • 6,4 (goblin charger, skeletal warrior)
  • 7,5 (antlion, zombie boss)
  • 9,6 (skeleton boss)
  • 10,7 (hero)
  • 11,8
  • 13,9 (hero with Boots of Speed)
  • 14,10
  • 16,11 (hero with Boots of Travel)

Item bonus speed (boots) are multiples of 3. An item with 3 speed actually adds (3,2) to speed.

Projectiles/missiles use floating point coordinates to accommodate arbitrary angles instead of the cardinal+ordinal eight.


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