Loot Stats

Finally got all the starting loot animations done. As far as I know, this means I’m completely done with art assets for v0.08. More will be added in later releases but this is plenty for now. I checked those animations into the OSARE svn, so you can see them in action if you don’t mind compiling.

Next up is adding all the item stats. I have plenty of starting stats worked out, though I need to work on item names for bows and armors. This is all stored in the /resources/items/items.txt file. I will probably create a mysql database of the items and some php to create the items.txt. Then I could make a real item database/lookup section of the OSARE website. Sounds win-win to me.

I have two major code pushes left for v0.08. First is loot from containers. This shouldn’t be too bad. In the map files I assign a level to each container event (default: level 1). When a container is opened, use a similar chain of events as killing a creature to produce loot.

The second major feature, and of course the whole point, is picking up loot. Right now when the menus are closed, mouse clicks are assumed to be basic attack actions aimed at the cursor. Loot will have a rectangular click region to be picked up. When someone clicks on the playing field, I have to check all the loot to make sure the mouse click isn’t aiming for loot pickup before assigning it as an attack action. Similar code will be added for the action bar (don’t know if that will be added in this release).

Then it’s a few tiny bits of cleanup code. I need to add % chance of dropping loot to creature definitions. Bosses will drop loot 100% of the time, weak zombies maybe 5%. This is a pretty minor update; I’ll add it right before releasing v0.08 though, because testing loot is easier when every kill basically drops something.


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