Lots of real life events have been overshadowing my OSARE time. Thanks to all of you who still have interest in the project.

I’m only 2-3 coding sessions (and an art/data session) away from being done with loot. Currently in svn I have a good dagger and shortsword “flying loot” animation done, and I have those dropping off creatures. The coming data push will add a couple dozen more loot animations and a few hundred items.

I still have to add the “click to pickup” mechanism for loot. It’s not a particularly interesting set of code, but once that’s done I should be able to use similar routines for other items. At this point I’m considering a ClickRegion struct (similar to the current Renderable struct) that can be generated by dropped loot, containers, switches, etc.

Finally I need to add support for loot to be generated from containers. I’ll probably assign a loot container a level and % chance to drop an item, much like I do with monsters.


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